Icon Forge What is Icon Forge - Favicon.com Edition?
Icon Forge - Favicon.com Edition is an advanced Icon/Favicon editor for webmasters and advanced site developers. It allows Windows users to import images, add effects, etc. You may download a trial version or purchase online. See a Screen Shot  

How do I order Icon Forge?
You can order Icon Forge Online.

Do you offer Discounted Site Licensing?
Yes, we offer discounted site licensing. Email info@favicon.com or call 516-255-1974.

You can purchase a single copy of Icon Forge - Favicon Edition for only $37.95.

Number of Users
Retail Price
Discounted Site License
up to 5 users $189.75 $138
up to 10 users $379.50 $253
up to 15 users $569.25 $358
up to 25 users $948.75 $548
up to 50 users $1897.50 $973
up to 100 users $3795.00 $1723
up to 150 users $5,692.50 $2373
up to 200 users $7,590.00 $2923
up to 300 users $11,385.00 $3823
up to 400 users $15,180.00 $4623
up to 500 users $18,975.00 $5323
500+ users (one site) $20,000.00 $5973
Global License (multiple sites) $25,000.00 $7500

Where can I get updates?
If you are a registered user, you are entitled to free updates! Updates are located at: http://www.cursorarts.com/ca_patch.html#if32. The new Icon Forge supports Windows XP icons!

Is there another FAQ available for IconForge?
Yes, there is another IconForge FAQ available.

Must I buy Icon Forge to have a Favicon for my web site?
You do not have to buy Icon Forge to get Favicons to work. We can create a favicon for you.