Internet Explorer

Why can't I see my favicon in the address/location bar?
In Internet Explorer, click the icon in the address bar. Hold down the button and move the icon a tiny bit to the right and let go. Try this two or three times. Usually that is all you need to do!

What if I want different icons for different pages?
You can use the following LINK tag in the HEAD section of the page to specify a relative or absolute path to the Favicon:


Of course, don't copy above exactly, you need to replace the path with one that is relevant for your site. It can be a relative path. If you are using https, you should replace the http with https.

Where will my logo be seen?
The logo will appear in multiple places and will help you gain name and logo recognition. Currently, we know of six places. (We don't think you can see them on a Mac yet) Let us know if you are a mac user and see favicons.

1. In the favorites directory in your web browser.

2. In the favorites directory located off the Windows(tm) Start Button.

3. In the location bar.

4. On the desktop.

submitted by Dwayne Swoboda
If the visitor bookmarks the site, holds down the control key, then right clicks on the bookmark then drags it to the desktop, it copys the icon as a short cut.
5. On the taskbar.
submitted by Dwayne Swoboda
If the visitor bookmarks the site, holds down control key, then right clicks on the bookmark and drags it to the task bar, it copys the icon there.
6. On the links bar.
If the visitor bookmarks the site, holds down the control key, then right clicks on the bookmark and then drags and it to the Links Toolbar, it copys the icon and title there.

I used to see favicons, but now they've all disappeared. What happened?
Favicons are cached similarly to html documents. When they are deleted from the cache, they revert to the standard IE icon. If you want to prevent the icon from disappearing:
  1. Create a local directory (e.g., c:\favicons)
  2. Copy the desired favicon into the directory created above.
  3. Right click the mouse over the favorite/bookmark and select properties.
  4. Enter the path (or use the 'browse' feature) to the favicon you want for that bookmark.
Another temporary solution is to hold down the mouse button while holding shift over the default IE icon in the address bar and then let go of the mouse button anywhere in the address bar. This seems to 'update' the favicon.

I have a favicon.ico file, but I don't see it in my favorites folder when I bookmark or rebookmark my site. What's wrong?
If you didn't make your Icon using our applet, it may not be a true ICO file and you need to make a favicon.ico file using our program. If you create a favicon.ico file at and are having trouble seeing your new icon, it is probably because you had an existing bookmark for that page already. IT IS HARD TO CHANGE EXISTING BOOKMARKS. Rest assured, however, your new bookmark is visible to the rest of the world and any new bookmarks will be seen with that logo. If you want to see the new logo, we have 2 possible remedies (Thanks Pete Harwood):
  1. VISUAL CHECK (RECOMMENDED) - Enter the URL of your favicon (ie into your browser. Is your updated icon displayed or downloaded?
  2. RENAME FAVICON - When using the <link> tag method for specifying the location your favicon, change the HREF (the URL) value specifying the location of your favicon. This is usually done by renaming your favicon.ico (ie newfavicon.ico) and updating the link tag. IE.
    Rebookmarking forces IE to download the new icon as it doesn't have the newicon.ico file in cache. It is also good habit to check the link used in the above tag (ie Always check your favorites folder to see if the change is reflected correctly. Do not judge by the address bar, since icons in the address bar are less reliable. We are not sure why.
  3. DELETE CACHE - Go to Tools Menu and select Internet Options. Then make sure you select the General Tab. There you will click Settings under Temporary Internet Files. You can then delete the offending file there. When you reboot the machine now, the shortcuts will revert to IE's standard icon. Simply clearing the cache doesn't delete icons, just as it doesn't delete cookies. Adding the site to favorites again now will force IE to download the new icon. Earlier we had recommended, deleting the existing bookmark(s), clear all your cache, reset your computer, return to page and bookmark, however, users said they got mixed results. Let us know if you have any more information
On rare occassions, we have seen discount/free ISPs add their advertising in such a way that disallows the use of Favicons. In addition, sometimes you have to SELECT THE BOOKMARK TO SEE IT - rather than typing in the URL - in order to see the icon in the address bar.