Mozilla Which Mozilla/Netscape Browser's support favicons?
Favicon support was first implemented in Mozilla version 0.9.6 and Netscape 7.x.

Where will my favicon be seen?
At the moment favicons can be found in the location bar and in the tabs if tabbed browsing is enabled.

What file formats does Mozilla/Netscape support?
Mozilla supports any image format for icons that it recognises. This includes .ico but also png, gif, jpeg and bmp. Although Netscape supports many different file formats, we are not recommending users to use anything other than .ico files at this time, since Mozilla/Netscape is the only browser that supports other file favicon file formats.

Do I need to add special html for my favicon to be seen?
Yes, you can use the same link tag as IE (the <link rel="shortcut icon">) or you can also use <link rel="icon"> (optionally you can supply the mime type too: <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="...">). By default Mozilla does not look for /favicon.ico instead relying on the link tag. However a hidden preference will enable Mozilla to look for favicon.ico. We recommend using the 'shortcut icon' link tag for now (since IE does not support the icon tag yet).

What about AOL?
Read AOL's Announcement