I'm seeing favicon.ico requests in my web site's error_log. What does this mean?
In short terms, it means people are coming to your site using IE 5.0 and bookmarking it. Since you have not created the favicon.ico image the web browser is looking for, the web server reports this in its error_log. If you want a quick fix, you can order one from us that will utilize your look and feel. If you have a lot of time on your hands, continue reading our faqs and you should be able to create a favicon yourself.

What are the security/privacy concerns related to favicon.ico files?
Originally, there was concern about Internet Explorer's Favicon implementation which sent a loggable request for the favicon.ico file when you bookmark a page. This would have allowed sites to build profiles of visitors' interests. We believe, however, that most of the privacy concerns surrounding favicons has been overcome in the newer implementations. Browsers like Mozilla, Netscape, & Konqueror look for this file regardless of whether the user bookmarks a page. In Internet Explorer, the implementation of favicons is a little more vague. We are not sure of why they appear sometimes and sometimes they don't. Though there are different implementations, it is now a must for all web sites that care about their appearance to have favicons.

I'm using a Web Site Hosting Service that does not support ICO files. What should I do?
Contact the company that hosts your web site and let them know that you want them to add support for ICO files. You may want to direct them to as well since this is the first time ico files are being used on the Internet. Most ISPs now support favicons.

I am having trouble getting favicons to work with https (secure http). Is there anything we can do?
Yes, they do work under https. Just hardcode the icon location like below.
Note: Don't forget to change the path to your favicon.

What if my ISP does not support favicons?
It is very simple, just put a copy in a different location and use the following tag:
<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF=""> make sure to replace and somename.ico with the appropriate file.